Marine Biology at Cornell University

Welcome to the world of marine science at Cornell!

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Cornell's proud tradition in academic diversity is best embodied in Ezra Cornell's 1865 statement, "I would found an institution where any person can find instruction in any study". Today, marine scientists at Cornell come from nine departments and academic units and conduct research in extremely diverse habitats and with a diverse set of organisms. The range of departmental affiliations reflects these research interests.

Cornell is located in Ithaca, NY, approximately 4.5 hours from the nearest marine habitat. Despite its inland location, undergraduate and graduate students at Cornell have many opportunities to pursue academic interests in marine biology. This website was created to highlight programs in marine science across campus.

Head over to our other pages to learn more about majoring or minoring in marine science, academic programs Cornell has to offer and courses you can take in marine science!

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Interested in minoring in marine biology?

About 70% of the planet's surface consists of estuarine, coastal, and pelagic ocean environments. Students who choose the Minor in Marine Biology will learn about the biology, evolution and ecology of organisms that inhabit these environments and the ecological processes linking them. Marine biology draws from a range of disciplines including organismal biology, marine microbiology, ocean biogeochemistry, and biological oceanography. These disciplines consider adaptation of marine organisms to their environment, their interactions with other organisms, and ultimately the consequences and feedbacks of these interactions upon the environment. Marine habitats are sensitive barometers of anthropogenic perturbations today and global climatic perturbations over evolutionary history.

Check out this page on the marine biology minor at Cornell for more!

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Thinking about enrolling in a marine biology class at Cornell?

From the wide array of classes Cornell has to offer, you can enroll in courses such as Introduction to Oceanography, Underwater Research, Conservation Oceanography, Fish Ecology Laboratory and more!

Check out this page on the various courses in marine biology at Cornell to find some great marine science classes to add to your schedule next semester!

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Looking to conduct undergraduate research?

Cornell has many professors on campus and elsewhere who are involved in marine research.

Check out some of the professors listed on the faculty page and look for announcements from Ian about upcoming opportunities in research!